E-2 Visa:

CNMI-Only Investor

The CNMI-Only Investor (E-2) visa classification allows foreign, long-term investors to remain lawfully present in the CNMI through December 31, 2029, while they resolve their immigration status. This classification is intended to help as the CNMI transitions from the CNMI permit system to U.S. immigration laws.

Obtaining E-2 CNMI Investor Status (E2C)

Initial Application


You must file your initial Form I-129 petition and Supplement E with USCIS before January 18, 2013. USCIS will reject initial petitions filed after that date.

General Qualifications for an E-2 CNMI Investor


To qualify for e-2 CNMI Investor status, you must:

  • Have been admitted to the CNMI with a long-term investor visa under CNMI immigration law before November 28, 2009

  • Have continuously maintained residence in teh CNMI under long-term investor status

  • Currently maintain the investment(s) that formed the basis for the CNMI long-term investor status

  • Otherwise be allowed to enter the U.S under the U.S. Immigration Nationality Act (INA).

Extending Your Stay


We can help you apply for an extension of stay, we can file a new Form I-129 and Supplement E with the required evidence.

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