Are you a small company, a multinational company, a mid-sized company or an organization that is seeking to add foreign employees? If so, we understand how challenging it is to operate a successful operation. The reason your company or organization does so well is because of your focus on executing your mission statement. We exist to help your company or organization grow through the addition of specialized foreign workers. There are numerous benefits to growing your company as I am sure you know.

Annually, U.S. employers hire foreign nationals to join their organizations and businesses. These U.S. employers hire highly specialized foreign workers to add cultural diversity to their workplace and to help maintain or gain a competitive advantage in the global market. Despite the numerous benefits these foreign nationals bring to the U.S. economy, business immigration procedures are often found to be overwhelming and complex. These procedures are likely outside of your company or organizations mission statement and day-to-day activities.

We understand that operating a business is challenging. We understand that adding another layer of complexity can result in unsurety and often times abandonment of plans to grow by adding extraordinary and highly specialized foreign workers.  We appreciate and value that the success of your business hinges on executing your mission statement. We also know that you can strengthen your company or organizations work force by adding foreign workers. We appreciate that you want to add more jobs to the economy and strengthen your business or organizations performance.

The Law Office of Mubarak Malik| The Immigration Advocate will guide you through the intricacies of the immigration process from the hiring to the transfer of specialized foreign workers. After all, our mission statement is dedicated to immigration. Allow our vast knowledge of U.S. citizenship and immigration law help your business or organization. Our experience and dedication to U.S. citizenship and immigration law allows us to help you explore the options for work authorization of foreign workers. We can assist you with creating a strategic immigration plan and help with the documentation requirements necessary to obtain the appropriate visa for your business or organization. Don’t take chances, call us for a free initial consultation, (619) 363-2871, to begin determining the best strategy and options for your business or organization.


Employment-Based Immigration Visas fall under 2 umbrellas: Temporary Workers and Permanent Workers. Please feel free to visit these pages to start exploring the world of immigration possibilities. Don't feel overwhelmed, I'm here to help you. So take some time and learn what you can and then give me a call and I'll give you a Free Consultation!

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