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Welcome to The Immigration Advocate Blog!!

I am honestly so privileged and blessed to be afforded the opportunity to speak with you! You’re probably wondering who I am if we have never met before. Let’s get to know me a bit and understand why I have decided to create a blog dedicated to immigration law.

Today I bring to you Part 1 of this series entitled “Worldwide Perspective: Immigration.”

This blog is dedicated to posting new content ranging from News, Opinions, Updates, Court Decisions & FAQs related to Immigration Law on a regular basis.

I hope that the perspective that I have gained from my experiences as a person and as an attorney will benefit you ,the reader, and the community at large.

Thank you for reading. Let our journey begin!!

Who is The Immigration Advocate?

My name is Mubarak Malik. I am the Principal and Founder of The Law Office of Mubarak Malik| The Immigration Advocate. I am a licensed Counselor & Attorney at Law in both California and Illinois. I received my license to practice law in Illinois on Cinco de Mayo, 2016 and my license to practice law in California on December 5th, 2018!

I am a graduate of The John Marshall Law School where I received my Juris Doctor degree in January 2016. Shortly after, I returned to The John Marshall Law School and received my LL.M (Masters in Law) and graduated in December 2017.

I am no stranger to working long hours with a great amount of focus and intensity. I am in my early 30’s and I have the utmost intention of practicing law for the remainder of my career – say about another 35 years or more!

Cultural Inter-Connectivity & Background

I am the child of an immigrant from Pakistan. My grandparents are also immigrants from Pakistan. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. More specifically, I was raised in Berwyn, Illinois.

Berwyn is a melting pot of cultures and heritages from all over the world. Being raised in Chicagoland afforded me the opportunity to grow up experiencing blue-collar values and virtues. Those same values and virtues shaped the experiences I gained over my 31 years of my life which have led me to the practice of Immigration Law.

Quite frankly, growing up in Chicagoland made me the man I am today. I grew up immersed in friendships developed in multiple cultures ranging from Latinos to Africans, Caucasians to Asians. I imagined the entire United States of America was filled with cities that offered the same experiences. However, I learned over time that even if you’re from a city with great cultural diversity it doesn’t mean you yourself will be cultured in the different ethnicities presented. Hence, the need for people like me!

I always embraced the differences presented in everyone around me and knew that I wanted to spread that energy everywhere. The quickest way to do that I found was to introduce one friend to another friend with hopes that these new meetings of minds and ideologies would spark more interest and inter-connectivity.

For example, in law school I made sure to be friendly, cordial, outgoing and sharing with everyone around me. I never hoarded a group of friends from another group. Instead I invited everyone together and tried my best to widen our horizons. I took on the responsibility throughout all my years of schooling to join academic organizations in hopes to learn more from the people around me and to influence the minds of others.

I was elected Student Representative of The John Marshall Law School: Student Bar Association every semester. I went on to run for President of the Student Bar Association at The John Marshall Law School. I did not win the presidential election but I broadened my exposure and made even more friends along the way.

Next, I turned my attention to running another organization with hopes of spreading

even more inter-connectivity. I gained leadership of The John Marshall Law School: Municipal Law Society. I made it a point to elect a governing board of members with as much diversity as possible.

Our formation was a success and we ran a fruitful organization that broadened culture awareness through our backgrounds. We were also able to raise money and food for homeless people in Chicago. We held a Spring Symposium and were blessed to have many practitioners come speak at our event.

This included Mayor Robert J. Lovero of Berwyn, Illinois. Mayor Lovero took out time from his busy schedule and came in to help our cause. This was very exciting for us and especially me. Imagine being a young boy growing up in Berwyn, Illinois and one day having the Mayor of Berwyn, Illinois come into my law school to speak at an event that I organized!

The point of sharing this is to let you know that diversity and inter-connectivity is very important to me and I have always made it a point to practice what I preach. Diversity leads to success and this is just one example!

Why do I practice Immigration Law?

After law school, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I wasn’t always sure what route that would be but over time and through my experiences I found my way to the practice of Immigration Law.

I knew that I wanted to make a difference for those that were not afforded the same opportunities and privileges that being born in America provides. I have neighbors, friends, colleagues and persons I consider “family” all from different walks of the world and not all of them are LPR (lawful permanent residents) or citizens of any type. However, that has not stopped me from embracing them and advocating for their rights.

I full heartedly believe that immigrants “enrich[] and strengthen[]” America in the same way that Former-President John F. Kennedy once wrote about in “A Nation of Immigrants.” So much so, that I created my own law office with the main focus of practice dedicated to Immigration Law. I didn’t want to seek out the most profitable practice – I wanted to help immigrants all over the world become members of The United States of America.

I believe that the United States of America is better served when more immigrants are allowed access to our wonderful country. The ideals, goals, hopes and ambitions my clients bring from their previous countries are what this country needs to continue growing into the future.  America is a melting pot and I believe that each new generation of immigrants enriches and advances our nation.

Together we are Stronger.

Together we are One.

Together we Benefit the Economy.

Together we are a Nation.

I am Attorney Mubarak Malik and I am “Of the People, For the People.”

Be on the lookout for Part 2 of this Series entitled “Worldwide Perspective: Immigration.”


Mubarak Malik

The Immigration Advocate

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As always, stay safe, be positive and always seek legal counsel when you encounter immigration questions. – The Immigration Advocate| The Law Office of Mubarak Malik

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