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Welcome to our website,, "Home" of The Law Office of Mubarak Malik| The Immigration Advocate. Our list of Services are found under the Menu under the Services section.

My name is Mubarak Malik and I am a licensed Counselor & Attorney at Law. Immigration Law is Federal Law and as such I am allowed to practice United States Immigration Law in every state and nearly every country in the world. I am also dually-licensed in both Illinois & California. Furthermore, I not only have my Juris Doctor degree I also have my LL.M (Masters in Law). Enough about me for now, let's talk shop.

I created a Virtual Law Office to be able to offer access to anyone around the world. By operating a Virtual Law Office I am able to keep my costs as low as possible. I do not have the overhead of operating a brick and mortar store front. In turn, I am able to offer discounts and savings in comparison to the general immigration pricing you may find elsewhere.

Furthermore, I still offer in person meetings. If you are local to San Diego, we can meet and conduct our meetings in person if you so choose. If you need me to fly to your city I can also do that!

I am passionate and dedicated to helping individuals, families, businesses and organizations with their immigration needs. I offer all areas of immigration law services. I am zealous in my representation of my clients and enthusiastic in my advocacy. After all, I did not choose "The Immigration Advocate"moniker for flair, I chose it to represent my dedication to Immigration affairs.

As the Founder and Principal Attorney of The Law Office of Mubarak Malik I am committed to providing excellent workmanship, attorney product and legal services. I am devoted to returning all phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion so that you never have to worry or wait. 

The Law Office of Mubarak Malik| The Immigration Advocate represents the ideology that the world is better when we work and live together. That is why my motto is "Of the People, For the People." 

To ensure quality, I have composed a team that is just as brilliant and eager as I am when it comes to Immigration Law and I know that you will love your experience(s) because we are happy and proud to represent each client. 

Why wait, call me for a one-on-one Free Consultation at (619) 363-2871 or email me directly at!

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